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Emergency Interpreter
Service In Japan

Professional Interpreter Service
for Tourists and Foreigners

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A trusted organization providing the best care possible since 2008

At the nonprofit organization Roots, we dedicate ourselves to those who are in need of psychotherapy and mental health support. 


To reach our goal of helping others, our certified clinical psychologists and licensed counselors have expanded our service not only in the field of psychology but also in a variety of ways.



Expertise in international cooperation

After the East Japan Great Earthquake Disaster in 2011, Roots established a volunteer association, Recovery For Japan, to develop a restoration system for the frightful damage caused by the earthquakes and tsunami; the recovery project saved a lot of victims and resulted in success. During the process, we fundraised through the Nichi Bei CARE Network as part of an exchange program between Japan and the United States to tide over the crisis together. 


Utilizing professional knowledge acquired from our experiences assisting various cases, we aspire to support foreigners by reason of an increasing number of international tourists and foreign residents in Japan along with the upcoming Summer Olympics and Paralympics.

2011年の東日本大震災後、NPO法人RootsではRecovery For Japanというボランティア団体を設立し津波被害に遭われた方々の支援に取り組みました。 国際的な活動の一環としてカルフォルニアを拠点とする「日米ケアネットワーク」から被災地支援の資金援助を受け長期に渡り被災地での心のケアから様々なニーズに応え救援活動を行いました。


​What do we offer?

Our service covers a great extent of interpretation. We support foreign migrants who are coming to Japan but are incapable of communicating fluently in Japanese. Our interpreter service includes dispatching our team in case of emergency and helping you to purchase everyday goods, to go to hospitals, to introduce you to medical institutions, to explain the social security system, to go sightseeing, and to process any paperwork. If you wish to ask questions regarding our service, please do not hesitate to contact us.

It is important for us to understand the challenges of choosing the right agency as is often the case with people moving to a different country while you need to start off a livelihood on time. With our service system, since there is no need for you to wait for a long period of time after making an appointment like other common services, you can get a quick response to your questions. For instance, if you are looking for interpreters with the experience of assisting clients to apply for social security benefits in Japan, get in touch with our team as we offer assistance for low-income families and people with disabilities at affordable prices.


Meet Our Interpreters and Staff Members

Introducing our interpreter service team from diverse backgrounds.


Shuichi Komori

Bilingual in English and Japanese.

A high school graduate in the United States.

Experience of living abroad for over 10 years.

Currently enrolled in a university in Tokyo.

小森 俊一

Interpreter Service Price

1 Hour: ¥〇〇〇〇 (yen) with a transportation expense and meal fee if necessary.

一時間:〇〇〇〇円 *交通費食費別途

Requesting an interpreter? 

Contact through Contact Form down below or via Email:


Choose Your Language / 言語選択

Thank you for your message. It has been sent.



Contacting through our website is one of the easiest yet fastest ways to reach out for help.


Our office is based in the west part of Tokyo, allowing our staff to get to you in time.


The legal agreements will keep you and your privacy safe just as you talk to doctors and counselors.


We offer an affordable price for everyone in need, attempting to assist as many people as we can.

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